“Match” Made In Heaven

Monster and Facebook have joined forces to help Facebook users expand their professional networks. BeKnown makes professional connections and networking easier and more social!

Job seekers using this new application will benefit from:

  • Integration of Monster through Facebook
  • Facebook connections/“friends” may be working at companies that have great opportunities for you. Sometimes it’s all about who you know
  • Distinguish your professional contacts from your social connections
  • Tell your friends about the application and connect with them on various networks

Employers using this new application will benefit from:

  • Ability to create recruitment campaigns
  • Build job seeker networks
  • Post jobs daily

There are many ways to use social media while searching for a new job. Create active profiles on all! Just make sure your information and past experience is consistent.  Have questions? Please leave a comment and we’ll be in touch!

Thank you AllFacebook for the news!

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