Stay Connected Even When You Love Your Job!

Have you ever been contacted by a recruiter while at work?  Did you turn the call away because you were happy where you were?

Although you may love your current job and are not active in the market, do not assume that what the recruiter has in store for you now (or in the future) won’t be the job of your dreams – or the dream job of one of your friends. (We have a great referral program!)

Here are some reasons why you should take the recruiter’s call:

  • Nothing Is Official – Yet!
    • While the recruiter might be calling you for a potential opportunity nothing is set in stone.  Take time to listen to what the job has to offer. If it’s not for you it may be a good fit for someone you know.
  • Stay Active While Inactive
    • Even though you are currently happy where you are it is still beneficial to update your knowledge of the job market within your industry of interest while you’re not searching. You never know when you will desire a change or need to find another job in a hurry.
  • Build Relationships
    • Building relationships and networking can only help you in the future. Practice staying in touch and following up! Keep your recruiter in the loop and they will continue to contact you in return.

Do not shy away from new opportunities and relationships just because you are happy at the present time.  Change is inevitable and nothing is permanent. Take the call!

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