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Confirmation Key

Before you put on your black dress shoes, best dress shirt, and pack your briefcase, CONFIRM your appointment with your recruiter or HR Manager.

Here are is a key to making sure you don’t get lost, forget documents, or miss out on an amazing opportunity due to rescheduling.

  • Email and/or call your recruiter or HR Manager to confirm the address and interview time.
  • Consider all possible routes when mapping the directions
  • Make sure you know the name/s of the person/s you are meeting with as well as their job title, and what their job responsibilities are
  • The resume in your briefcase should be identical to the one you originally sent. If you’ve made any update print out a few copies and provide the interviewer with the document noting it’s updates

Arriving fully prepared, on time, and with all the items that are required is a great way to make a lasting first impression.

Good luck and please comment for further advice!