Ask Our Recruiters: The Offer

So you’ve gotten through all the stress of the interviews, the applications, the uncertainty… and you got the job! Well, you got the offer. Now what? It can be intimidating to have to accept or decline right away; you need time to think! Luckily, our Senior Relationship Manager, Laura Menezes, has given us her advice […]

Your Leadership Checklist

Some people are naturally inclined to lead; others acquire the skill. And when it comes to corporate leadership, there’s a quote from Justin Bariso that pulls together all the points on being a good leader: “Those who lead the most effectively concern themselves with action, not position.” In other words, the best leaders are the […]

Jobs in which Bilinguals Excel

Knowing a second or even third language is not a skill that’s only useful for diplomats or foreign language teachers; it proves useful in a variety of different, less globally-oriented jobs! Now that almost all business is international in nature, there is a bigger need for foreign language speakers. Below is a list of jobs […]