Monday Mornings

Everyone knows about the Monday Blues. The weekend is over, we have to go back to work, and we dread it. Monday melancholy is such a widespread feeling that many people simply brush it off as an unavoidable part of having a career. However, if we are truly happy at our jobs, we can find […]

Making the Most of Meetings

Not surprisingly, a majority of the working world does not particularly enjoy going to meetings. More specifically, people do not like meetings because they feel that they are meaningless. However, there’s more to a meeting than sitting around and having our bosses talk at us. Meetings give us a chance to elevate whatever is being […]

Acing the Millennial Interview

As we all know, Millennials will soon make up a huge part of the global work force. And in order to keep new hires coming in, companies should appropriately adjust their hiring practices to accommodate for the new generation of candidates. According to The Ladders, there are plenty of ways to change the usual interview […]

Benefits of Keeping Plants in the Office

Money shouldn’t be the only green that makes you happy at your job. In fact, many scientific studies show that having at least one plant in the office provides significant psychological and physical benefits. For example, employees who had plants in their offices showed signs of reduced stress – particularly anxiety, hostility, depression, and fatigue. […]

Office Happy Hour

Getting invited out to Happy Hour with your coworkers is exciting and daunting at the same time. It gives you a chance to bond and build relationships with the people you work with, but the opportunity to drink with people who are not your close friends has the potential to create awkward situations. However, there […]